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Google Web API

Google API has been around since spring 2002. It means Application Program Interface and is exactly that, a Interface for Google and its services and to day there is a huge amount of Juice to drink from if you know what to do with it. Just try searching for Google API programs or Google API applications on Google, see what you find. Loads and loads og neat stuff to play with, some of it is not worth using but many nice things can be found out there.

What I have found out through my SEO/SEM experience is that many people do not know of API and if they do they are by far misunderstanding its possibilities. The bottom line is that many searchers, including experienced marketers and technically know-how people, don not know these features and possibilities are available.

Develop Your Own Applications Using Google, but first you have to know more.
# Google API

First you need to download the developer’s kit from Google, then Create a Google Account and finally write your own program using the license key Google gave to you. Now you are set to go. Remember to read the user terms for your API.

Google uses the SOAP and WSDL standards so a developer can program in his or her favourite environment – such as Java, Perl, or Visual Studio .NET. So everyone with a knowledge in these programming environments can do may great things with Google to help them do better searches og get better results in their quest in Internet Marketing.

With your Google Web APIs service, you can as a software developer query more than 8 billion web pages directly from their own computer program and by that try out differed kinds of Google services.

The best way I have seen people use the API key is to create a custom site or www search, but that is by far not the only way to use this tool.

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