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Google Web API

Google API has been around since spring 2002. It means Application Program Interface and is exactly that, a Interface for Google and its services and to day there is a huge amount of Juice to drink from if you know what to do with it. Just try searching for Google

Search Marketing Overview

How much more money would you be making if the traffic to your web site would double or even Tripled? Would it increase by 10-times? What if this new traffic would be from highly qualified prospects who were actively looking for exactly what you're selling, as direct marketing as it

Search engine optimization strategies in short

All marketing through the Internet should include many different marketing methods but it should always with good search engine optimization (US) -  optimisation (UK) strategies. Before I start I would like to quote my friend Shari Thurow: "Search friendliness isn't only about Google, Yahoo!, MSN Search, Teoma, or any other crawler-based search