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The 20, 40, 40 rule

I am often asked how we can take the technology aspect away from Internet Marketing. From my point of view the simplest way of explaining how it works is the 20 – 40 – 40 rule. I am not sure who came up with first but it’s a simple way of explaining the factors that influence marketing on the Internet. 20 stands for that technology has 20% impact on success, 40 stands for that on-site stuff has 40% effect and finally that off-site stuff such as link popularity and bookmarking has the final 40%. So if we have the 20%, the foundation ok, the tech part is out of the way and we can focus on the rest.

Here is a good link in regards of this – Holistic Internet Marketing Approach

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2 thoughts on “The 20, 40, 40 rule

  1. I would actually say that the tech stuff plays a larger role than 20%, but I understand where you are going with this. My take on it is that if you don’t do the technology part right from the begining the other will not work either.

  2. But still we need to take to account that the technology stuff should be out of the way when you start, taken care of by people that have the know how to do it, then the marketing people should take over. I do agree with you.

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