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Web 2.0 – The Internet is evolving, ain’t it?

I am not sure we can say that the latest Jargon in the world of the Internet is “Web 2.0”, because it’s getting to be old news, but here are my basic thoughts on the topic. While every evolution of software seams to have a evolving number the Internet has stayed the same. Windows Office has gone from 95 to 2003 (2006) and my favored videogame has gone through at least five stages. So why has the Internet not?

Well some say it has and some say it’s still evolving and has not left 1.0, is at most around 1.005. But those who do say it has evolved say it’s now at version 2.0. So what is different? Though this is more based on subjectivity than anything else, it might be worth thinking about, is the Internet evolving and how?

Kristjan Mar
Kristján Már Hauksson COO SMFB Engine @optimizeyourweb