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The Search Engine Optimisers Tool Box

I have done these sessions couple of times at the SES, both in London and Sweden and beside doing the site clinic session it’s one of my favourite sitting at conferences and workshops like the SES and Ad-Tech. It´s unbelievable how fast thinks change and the number of tools being developed to help people maximising their search engine marketing efforts.
Check out the My SEO SEM Toolbox, Internet Marketing Tools at the Nordic eMarketing web site I wrote it to follow up my PPT doc on the same topic.

Kristjan Mar
Kristján Már Hauksson COO SMFB Engine @optimizeyourweb

One thought on “The Search Engine Optimisers Tool Box

  1. Ok, what about API tools. I mean if I want to program my own what do I do to do that? Are there any companies that can work on it here or ??

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