7 thoughts on “My thoughts on Long Tail Search?

  1. Great advice. It seems as if the concept of the long tail is really catching on these days. Most people and companies that are taking advantage of it are aggregating with larger conglomerate sites such as iTunes and Amazon.com, but why not try to put pressure on search engines too?

    I wonder if there is a way to build niche target through campaigns that broaden not only search results, but exposure through mainstream sites that niche eyes might be looking at?

  2. I do agree with both of you guy’s and feel that the world of search is by far not fully explored, I have some experience building up search marketing strageties around niche markets with great results. never heard of the fat head, that’s a nice one Dennis, will look it up :-)

  3. Thank Kristjan you for the insight in the concept of Long Tail, thats was new to me, will be helpful. O the web stats tool I am using GoStats.com, they provide comprehensive reports.

  4. Hi AD, I went in to see the GoStats page and it’s seams to be ok tool for very small webs, but for larger sites or at least from my experience “Comprehensive overview of the last 1000 guests” would never give me enough data to understand what is happening on my sites or most of the sites I am working for. The importancy of web analytics is as I have said before the make or break between success or failure and when I choose my tools I always have in mind that there is no such thing as a free lunch. My advice it might be ok to have budget as a criteria but take it seriously and make sure that the tool you choose can grow with you.

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