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Outlining the danger of Social Media

Talking about articles and in this case more current than the one from the Economist.

I found this article at the ABC News site writen by Andrew Keen, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and author. He just published a book called “The Cult of the Amateur: How Today’s Internet is Killing Our Culture,”. The book outlines the dangers of citizen media (Social media), Web 2.0.

Andrew Keen offers his opinions on the Internet, American culture and the way he see it the world.

Read it over and tell me what you think, my opinion will follow shortly, want to try to get the book first. But my first impression is it might be a little to pessimistic.

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4 thoughts on “Outlining the danger of Social Media

  1. Whatever people may feel about social media the fact is social media will be the next wave on the internet. If web was build on hyperlinks, the next wave will be build on communities.

  2. Yes you might be right there but my feeling is that we might be over hyping it? Having said that I do agree with you, as it is now more “user/people” input is what will be (is already) the next thing.

  3. I do have a huge feeling that it feels like a bubble. Especially when I am reading Mashable! and seeing all of the huge investments being made into companies with little if no profit margins.

    However, the big difference is between the dot com bubble and the social net is people. And people have money in their pocket. People are also smarter consumers and use many peer advice articles like they once used side by side comparison.

    I think there is a future for Web 2.0, but one that needs to be scrutinized by the numbers that it will ultimately post each quarter.

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