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We don’t have to go to the moon, Google takes care of it!

Found this post at WebPro News titled "Google Moon Gets Major Updates" and thought I would share it with the world and those on the moon with internet connection to earth. According to Michael Weiss-Malik, a software engineer, on the Google LatLong Blog, "it brings higher-resolution map imagery, text search, and photos

Did Google loose your site? Don’t panic!

If you think about Google and what they do you must understand that they are indexing / crawling million’s of pages daily and when that data then forms the database that is the search engine Google once in awhile they might “loose” a site. Such errors correct them self’s normally

The User generated revolution is rolling

The User generated revolution is rolling faster and faster and is showing a real snowball effect, as it rolls it only gets bigger (let’s hope it won’t melt). The way I see it there are three of main categories a) user generated sites like Flickr and YouTube, b) social networks