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The magnificent magic of search marketing

The biggest mistake company do is to presume that search Marketing is easy and unlike all other marketing efforts search marketing can be done in-house. First of all in-house SEO/SEM returns around 38% return on investment. The same study indicates that by using professional services the ROI on you search marketing efforts is 110%.

I often get the excuse that it is to late to start any Internat marketing efforts and the competitors have take all the best spots. For me this is a little like advertising in a newspaper, the advertising spots might be sold out but there is another day to morrow and another version of the paper go for that then.

The main pont is that as long as you take it seriously, understand that it cost’s money and is not a magic solution to all your marketing efforts you should be ok. Treat the Internet like any other marketing tool, don’t let the tech guy’s tell you what can be done and what can’t and it’s all possible. Finally, as I have often said if someone say’s they can guarantee you a spot at the top, run out, as fast as you can.

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