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The User generated revolution is rolling

The User generated revolution is rolling faster and faster and is showing a real snowball effect, as it rolls it only gets bigger (let’s hope it won’t melt). The way I see it there are three of main categories a) user generated sites like Flickr and YouTube, b) social networks like Facebook and c) web applications like DoHop.
Here is a list of few that I have found and liked
Iceland – Web application allowing users to find flights all over the world. A Unique flight planner technology that makes your travels much easier.
France – Again travel related site that show user generated videos of hotels around the world. Like going to TripAdvisor but on it’s alive.
Germany – Cool twist on social search but needs a software installation
United Kingdom – I thought I had seen everything but no, then I find this. A price compareancy site on steroids. Great idea that makes live so much easier.
China – Facebook for babies. Ok, this I did not test myself, but why not?
And more…

But what I have also seen on my “user generated revolution / web 2.0” search is that all the big guy’s have clones around the world, Digg has one in Brasil called Linkk and my favorite is in China and is called VeryDig.
For YouTube you can find a clone in all corners of the world, like BuscaTube in Mexico and MyVIdeo in Germany.
When you have 1.000.0000.000 people using the Internet (the 8th Continent) the clones will pop up as fast as you can say whatever it that the girl said in the Wizard of Oz.
Talking about the 8th continent, may the Internet is the lost Atlantis, turned web 2.0?
Just to finish this (or start) discussion, I am still a little sceptic on the Web 2.0 evolution for the masses as most (me included) have troubles updating their virus software and updating their computer to lates with the latest patches or versions is not a priority, I am not sure that the Web 2.0 revolution will move fast. Don’t misunderstand me, it is moving but there is not much that tells me it will take over anytime soon, at least not this week.

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