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We don’t have to go to the moon, Google takes care of it!

Found this post at WebPro News titled “Google Moon Gets Major Updates” and thought I would share it with the world and those on the moon with internet connection to earth.

According to Michael Weiss-Malik, a software engineer, on the Google LatLong Blog, “it brings higher-resolution map imagery, text search, and photos and stories from every Apollo landing”.

And the even “included street view-style panoramas of the moon’s surface, taken by the Apollo astronauts” how about that!? I like Google earth (and Moon) but for a good map of Iceland it’s Map24.

Did Google loose your site? Don’t panic!

If you think about Google and what they do you must understand that they are indexing / crawling million’s of pages daily and when that data then forms the database that is the search engine Google once in awhile they might “loose” a site. Such errors correct them self’s normally within couple of day’s or a week and your site is back to its normal self.
Let’s say that you site is a large informative content site that best to your knowledge has not been the victim of any spam techniques. I would how ever recommend that you do track all past changes done do the site for the last 3 – 4 months that might be change of CMS, hosting, IP, and some programming ad-once and so on. Don’t reverse to any doggy panic actions, just stay calm and backtrack any changes done.

One of the things you can do is to register to Google Webmaster tools, upload your sites XML site map and look for any indexing error Google might be encountering.
Review your analytics solution, when did your site drop? I also use Indextools to alert me if certain keywords fall under a given minimum as search engine referrer.
As you register to the Google Webmaster tools I would also review their webmaster guidelines to see if you have done any changes that are against their rules.

If this does not help get a SEO expert to look at the problem for you.
When thinks are up and running again and back to normal, be careful when you do SEO changes, you only have one site and if it goes bad you will have to start from scratch.

The User generated revolution is rolling

The User generated revolution is rolling faster and faster and is showing a real snowball effect, as it rolls it only gets bigger (let’s hope it won’t melt). The way I see it there are three of main categories a) user generated sites like Flickr and YouTube, b) social networks like Facebook and c) web applications like DoHop.
Here is a list of few that I have found and liked
Iceland – Web application allowing users to find flights all over the world. A Unique flight planner technology that makes your travels much easier.
France – Again travel related site that show user generated videos of hotels around the world. Like going to TripAdvisor but on it’s alive.
Germany – Cool twist on social search but needs a software installation
United Kingdom – I thought I had seen everything but no, then I find this. A price compareancy site on steroids. Great idea that makes live so much easier.
China – Facebook for babies. Ok, this I did not test myself, but why not?
And more…

But what I have also seen on my “user generated revolution / web 2.0” search is that all the big guy’s have clones around the world, Digg has one in Brasil called Linkk and my favorite is in China and is called VeryDig.
For YouTube you can find a clone in all corners of the world, like BuscaTube in Mexico and MyVIdeo in Germany.
When you have 1.000.0000.000 people using the Internet (the 8th Continent) the clones will pop up as fast as you can say whatever it that the girl said in the Wizard of Oz.
Talking about the 8th continent, may the Internet is the lost Atlantis, turned web 2.0?
Just to finish this (or start) discussion, I am still a little sceptic on the Web 2.0 evolution for the masses as most (me included) have troubles updating their virus software and updating their computer to lates with the latest patches or versions is not a priority, I am not sure that the Web 2.0 revolution will move fast. Don’t misunderstand me, it is moving but there is not much that tells me it will take over anytime soon, at least not this week.

About AdWords for Content – 2 visits – 2:11pm

Google tells me how often I have visited a URL within my search (not showing the right clock but still). So I was reading through if there where any changes at the Google Network and noticed that on the right side of all search results that I clicked on was now a little line telling me that I had clicked twice and the last time I did that was at 2:11 pm, the right time was actually 22:11. I have never seen this before. – I was logged in on my Ad-words accound, have not tested if Google remembers me after I check out.

The magnificent magic of search marketing

The biggest mistake company do is to presume that search Marketing is easy and unlike all other marketing efforts search marketing can be done in-house. First of all in-house SEO/SEM returns around 38% return on investment. The same study indicates that by using professional services the ROI on you search marketing efforts is 110%.

I often get the excuse that it is to late to start any Internat marketing efforts and the competitors have take all the best spots. For me this is a little like advertising in a newspaper, the advertising spots might be sold out but there is another day to morrow and another version of the paper go for that then.

The main pont is that as long as you take it seriously, understand that it cost’s money and is not a magic solution to all your marketing efforts you should be ok. Treat the Internet like any other marketing tool, don’t let the tech guy’s tell you what can be done and what can’t and it’s all possible. Finally, as I have often said if someone say’s they can guarantee you a spot at the top, run out, as fast as you can.