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402% increase in sales of .CN for China

According to Verisign there has been a 402% increase in sales of chinees ccTLD this year and the .CN is now the 5th most popular ccTLD domain ending in the world (See Nick post at Multiligual).

.DE seams to be the most popular and number two to .COM (gTLD), but .CO.UK seams to have most pages indexed in Google.

Brother to .COM is the .BIZ gTLD, Neustar reports that they have 1.7 million endings registered, which puts it number 10 on the popularity list.

ccTLD = Country Code Top Level Domain.
gTLD = Generic Top Level Domain

Mike Grehan finds a Google experiment

One of the blogs that I read (or try to once a month or so)  with great enjoy is Mike Grehan’s and on the 2nd of August he reported seeing a “social search experiment” at ( I know I am late). After tests I have not been able to produce this my self it is a interesing twist to the social part of search and is another indication that Google is testing how to move in this aspect of search.

Just for those looking for a good digital camera (and that goes for Mike also) try the Nikon D80, great stuff!

Finally!! A International conference worth going to in Scandinavia

Chris Sherman and the SMX gang have put together a great agenda for a search marketing conference.

I just saw what they have put together and I think it looks great, now it’s going to be exciting to see what speakers and moderators will join the panels. I have said it before that I thought the SES conference in 2005 was in a way a bit of a flop, but as time grows further I am starting to see that the small size of such conferences and the closeness to the speakers and attendees is of great value for both. It gives you better oversight and makes it more personal. That was exaclly what happened here in Reykjavik, at the Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference last year. Just over 300 guestes, 24 speakers and great parties :-)

For other conferences in Scandinavia check my post here below.