SMX Sweden is on, and what a start!

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  1. Optimize Your Web:

    Question from the guests on No Follow and also that Google want’s webs to use Do Follow. No Follow was greated to created to tackle link “spaming” from Blogs among other, but is also great to deal with link juice internally.

  2. Optimize Your Web:

    One comment from Joost that struck me was that Yahoo, MSN and the others don’t matter for his markets so he is not bothered. I can not say agree and would point him to the Multilingual search engine report, downloadable through

  3. Optimize Your Web:

    More about applying manual input can be found here

  4. Joost de Valk:

    We’ll talk more about that over a beer tonight :)

  5. Olafur Kr.:

    Geek talk, Italian dinner, chianti, beer, singing and jazzclubbing… Photos from the SMX were heavily edited to preserve a semblance of order and respectability.

  6. amased:

    [...] New with the Algorithm a great session with Rand Fishkin, Joost de Valk and my good friend Mikkel last were you truly amased or surprised by something? – Yahoo …&quotWhen last were you truly [...]

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