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SMX Sweden is on, and what a start!

Shari ThurowJust saw Shari speak, she always amases me, in short she is a great speaker. Now I am sitting in on a session called What’s New with the Algorithm a great session with Rand Fishkin, Joost de Valk and my good friend Mikkel deMib. Rand just when through Link Spam Detection, how humans are starting to play stonger role in grading pages and how Trust is starting to be a part of the search algorithms.

Mikkel talked about how fewer and fewer sites and getting more and more value and how legacy and the trust algorithm will play more and more role as part of the indexing and ranking algorithims.

Rand recommended that attended would read this report: deMib

Mikkel talked about the growing manual input for search results and that MSN, Yahoo and Google seem to be applying manual input as a part of their results. It’s either that or the complexity of the search algorithims is far greater than we expected.

Joost seams to agree with his follow speakers and he actually belives that it is getting harder and harder to rank.

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  1. Question from the guests on No Follow and also that Google want’s webs to use Do Follow. No Follow was greated to created to tackle link “spaming” from Blogs among other, but is also great to deal with link juice internally.

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