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Your carbon footprint online

Found this fine article on Google going green so to speak, or it actually more you going with Google’s latest application by keeping track of your carbon footprint online and as long as you don’t print out the article or your carbon footprint report you should be doing great.

Keyword research and testing tactics

Tor Crockatt, Ulf Sjöstöm and Thomas SvenssonSpeakers Tor Crockatt, Ulf Sjöstöm and Thomas Svensson. They talked about the importancy of competitive intelligence and monitoring competitors. Question from the audience was about gaming keyword research and which tools to use, the answers where not so direct but that the competitors where doing everything that you should be doing so learn from them and try to do it better. But what are the tools to use and where do you find them? Keyword analysis, do Google and Yahoo give a way data? Is WordTracker the tool to use or is it a mix of tools? Then there is also brainstorming!

SMX Sweden is on, and what a start!

Shari ThurowJust saw Shari speak, she always amases me, in short she is a great speaker. Now I am sitting in on a session called What’s New with the Algorithm a great session with Rand Fishkin, Joost de Valk and my good friend Mikkel deMib. Rand just when through Link Spam Detection, how humans are starting to play stonger role in grading pages and how Trust is starting to be a part of the search algorithms.

Mikkel talked about how fewer and fewer sites and getting more and more value and how legacy and the trust algorithm will play more and more role as part of the indexing and ranking algorithims.

Rand recommended that attended would read this report: deMib

Mikkel talked about the growing manual input for search results and that MSN, Yahoo and Google seem to be applying manual input as a part of their results. It’s either that or the complexity of the search algorithims is far greater than we expected.

Joost seams to agree with his follow speakers and he actually belives that it is getting harder and harder to rank.

SMX Sweden tomorrow

The Search Marketing Expo is starting tomorrow in Stockholm at the Sheraton Stockholm Hotel. Three of of the Nordic eMarketing Staff are attending, Olafur, Haraldur and Kristjan Mar. We arrived yesterday to prepare and go to the eMetrics Summit located at the same hotel. Both events look great and we are hoping to bring home even more knowledge to use with and on behalf of our clients.

Once upon a Page Rank

Most professionals in (internet) marketing have a tendency to assume that the biggest corporations must be using the best technique… Not always true!

Isn’t bigger better? Whether they confess it or not… Most professionals in my field are in one way or another chasing the big numbers when it’s about the elusive Page Rank. I won’t join the PR debate… At Nordic eMarketing we regard it as an indicator at best but we like big numbers as well as the next guy.

We have high ambitions for our clients and when formulating a strategy for one of them last December I jotted down the PR numbers of the top 11 from the 2006 Fortune Global 500 list. Two months later I noted that the 3rd largest company in the known Universe seemed to have fallen from grace… from PR8 to a measly 6.

Once upon a Page Rank

Knowing that Shell has run into troubles of this kind before:, and me being a good natured guy, I promptly sent their webmaster an e-mail, highlighting their predicament and offering to take the matter into our capable hands. The problem was not of a complicated nature really.

When I received a polite out-of-office reply offering a telephone number should my enquiry be urgent, I decided that my civic duty had been fulfilled and turned my attention to my paying customers. I did my PR comparison again last week and was happy to note that Shell had amended this little matter, no doubt due to my diligence on their behalf. It was my pleasure ;)

Daimler Chrysler however gets my reprimand this week! ‘Ello-‘ello-‘ello! What have we been up to? I haven’t investigated the matter at any depth yet but believe you me, you need a little help my friends. We are at the SMX Search Marketing Expo in Stockholm this week. If you’re there, find us. If you aren’t, send us an e-mail and we’ll be glad to look into the matter as soon as we return to busy Iceland.

Multilingual Search publishes the Global Search Report 2007

Well the first version of the Multilingual Search Global Search Report 2007 has been released as a free PDF. It does not cover all of the globe but I promis you that it will get larger the next time it get’s out there.

It is an annual compilation of search engine usage and PPC statistics from countries around the world. The aim is to point out that there is live out-side of the US/UK markets.

Nordic eMarketing even played some role in it, in behalf of Iceland. Go and get it it’s free!

Google Universal Search, makes traditional SEO littlebit harder

Until recently you needed some 5 URLS and good SEO knowledge to rank well and “own” the top ten results on Google, but by introducing “Google Universal Search” Google has made this littlebit harder, actually much harder. Because now SERPs might return not only text results, but also images, news, videos and other material that relates accordig to Google to your search query.

Now companies serious about their online precience need to take advantage of those different search result mediums and think of search results in much broader terms than “only” text.

How not to use ePR – Online PR

I resently came across this blogg post on “6 PR disasters from late 2006 to the present” great stories about the worst PR disasters in 2006 to this date. Fun read for anyone that is doing PR on the internet.

Check it out:

I really like the “Microsoft Vista bribes bloggers” story.

The “nevers” of online activities

Have you seen Here are some Go there! Here are some NEVERS of online activites in the UK.

93% of Britons have never done any buying and selling of shares online
35% have never listened to music online
73% have never downloaded podcasts (or was it vodcasts)
50% have never done any online banking (and this 2007)
60% have never downloaded music legally (90% never illegally)
43% have never surfed the internet for banking and finance information

Great site with stats on at least 8 or 10 countries including UK, Sweden and Denmark to mention few