Web Analytics, the future is here, sorry next year

Indextools is bringing in a new version of it’s Analytics solution, the big number 10! I saw at Captain Blackbeaks blog this morning this great post on the new release http://blackbeak.conversionchronicles.com/. I have not seen the BIG 10 my self but I am trembling in my knees like a little girl at a Beatles concert waiting for it arrive.

Well maybe not that dramatic but as a techy with marketing backgrounds tools like Indextools, what can I say we a match made in heaven. Indextools and my wife, or my wife and Indextools, you choose.

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  1. Ha ha…

    Ping me next week a I will give you a personal demonstration – AND an explanation on how it ties into our overall marketing optimization framework.
    Cheers.. :-)

    Dennis R. Mortensen, COO at IndexTools

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