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Ask comes out with the AskEraser

Google and the others store their search data for 18 months or as long as the laws permit. Over the period of 18 months they have pretty much mapped you as a person. Ask has brought out what is called AskEraser and gives you the ability to immediately erase your

Trivial but good to know data

According to, 49% of UK workers are banned from networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. It looks like the UK is going the same way as Corporate America by banning social media usage. With over 52% of office workers spending a large portion of their day using

Great SES London, two down and three to go

Just came from Search engine Strategies London and did a great seasion on CMS's with Mike Grehan moderation. With me there was my Dansih friend Mikkel deMib and with us we had the Fantomaster him self Ralph Tegtmeier. the conference it self was from my point of view great success,