Monthly Archives: February 2008

Ask comes out with the AskEraser

Google and the others store their search data for 18 months or as long as the laws permit. Over the period of 18 months they have pretty much mapped you as a person. Ask has brought out what is called AskEraser and gives you the ability to immediately erase your search data. The question is, is this the answer to all our privacy concerns or just one more web tool that fails?

What is it that we are looking for relevant search results, the place where Google dominates or privacy? You can manually and even automatically delete your user data from Internet Explorer. I am not sure ASK is showing a decent attempt at web anonymity, but is that what people are looking for or?

Trivial but good to know data

According to, 49% of UK workers are banned from networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. It looks like the UK is going the same way as Corporate America by banning social media usage. With over 52% of office workers spending a large portion of their day using these sites and such solutions as MSN, no wonder this is happening.

Great SES London, two down and three to go

Just came from Search engine Strategies London and did a great seasion on CMS’s with Mike Grehan moderation. With me there was my Dansih friend Mikkel deMib and with us we had the Fantomaster him self Ralph Tegtmeier. the conference it self was from my point of view great success, would have wanted to see more people but both Mike Grehan and Kevin Ryan did a great job on organising the event and choosing the speakers. Great job but I must say that I did miss my dear friends Chris Sherman and Shari Thurow.

With this conference finished there are two down and three to go before this summer, DNA 2008 in Brussels where I am chairing, the SES in NY where I am talking about Managing PPC for Multiple Clients. In May I am speaking at the International Search Summit in London (at the British Library).

Lot’s of travels, great fun and hopefully some business

How important are inbound links?

Well if they have a no-follow on them then they are no good for SEO/SEM. But should you be getting links only becuase of your SEO efforts? The short answer is no, you should be getting you links because of you content from sites that alsi have content related to yours, those links are worth their weight in gold (how much does a link weigh?).  Good content is also great when it comes to link baiting, that is getting sites to link to you because you have great information on your site.

This is how ever a catch 22, meaning that you need links to exist at Google, it’s a little like getting a new phone number and nobody calls becuase nobody knows your new number, but as soon as the word spreds your phone won’t stop.

So who is the ideal link partner? First stop would be the same web sites linking to your competitor, next stop would be searching for link pages related to your sector, you might want to search for “travel links” or “post travel links” if you are a travel site, then you might want to narrow it down if you are a hotel to hotel links and so on.

But all of this does not answer the question, how important are inbound links? They are important and from where we stand they are about 40% (even more) of the total organic result factor of your favorite search engine. Of the three catagories of links you can have for your self they are around 70%, with the two other internal and outbound links sharing the remining 30%.

How important are your internal links?

For those not sure Internal links refers to the number of links coming from within your site. There has been some debate on how important those links are, but we have found that they can play a major role when trying to get your site seen.

If you want to make internal links work for you, firt make sure that you cross link your important related pages and have a good sitemap for the crawlers to see and better yet crawl. Do NOT use the No-Follow on you internal links, exept if it is a part of some thought out strategy.

Don’t use such text links as “read more” or “click here” use meaningful phrases that reflect the content you are pointing to, don’t over do it.

Internal links do nly boost link popularity and increase the visibility of your whole website. Have this in mind when you design you site.

Other type of links would be, incoming links and outgoing links and we will write about them later.