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RIMC 2008 is on

After Ingvar Hjalmarsson opened the conference, Dennis Mortensen from Indextools started the conference with a speach about Web Analytics and the importance of using tools and measuring the right KPI’s.

The Reykjavik Internet Conference 2008 Speakers

Dennis R. Mortensen, COO IndexTools, will will speak on web analytics and its importance in measuring website success.

Rob Walk, Managing Partner NovaRising, who has worked with T-Mobile, Orange, SKY and BBC, will speak on the emerging media covering mobile, iTV/IPTV and Social Media elements

Ton Wesseling, a Dutch online addict, blogger, speaker and professional internet consultant working for companys like SNS Bank and ilse media will speak about subjects such as word-of-mouth, transparancy and conversion in a presentation about how to create online sales.

Steffen Gausemel Backe of Aftonbladet will speak on how advertisers are increasingly starting to use content rich websites to get their message across.

Dixon Jones, an Internet marketing consultant from the UK, will discuss methods of reaching specific target groups. Jones has worked as an advisor to the ‘British association of internet advertising agencies’.

Ólafur Nielsen, web analyst from the Internet division of, will talk on how has benefitted from the measurements available through IndexTools and which information advertisers need.

Joost Valk and Hubert Diemel from European media giants Wegener will discuss how it’s possible to link together various forms of media, for example, newspapers and the Internet, and use their different individual strengths to improve overall results.

Information about Reykjavik Internet Conference 2006

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