3 thoughts on “Accommodation, acommodation and accommodation or acomocation or…

  1. Other well known misspells are Occasion – Occassion and’Confectionery would be Confectionary. Purchased has been known to turn into purchesed, Yahoo reports that 10% to 15% of search terms they receive are misspelled, take that in when you do your SEM. If 100,000 are searching for a laptop computer do we then have 10 to 15.000 searching from a Lapptop computer or a aptop computer or…?

  2. But there is a dilemma here as Matt Cutts points out, of course all sites should be with a proper spelling, but when even Google cannot get it right how can they expect us, people like me that do not have English as our first language to get it 100%? See more about this at his Blog SEO Advice, http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/seo-advice-spell-check-your-web-site/. So what is to be learned from this? People do not know hot to speall, spell, spel…..

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