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The Analytic Path to Glory! The Seven Golden KPI’s…

Did you know the difference between a KPI and a Metric? KPI being Key Performance indicator and while you are at it remember that a KPI is a Metric but a Metric is not necessarily a KPI! Little like Cognac and Brandy, all Cognac is Brandy but not all Brandy is… you get my drift.

So… according to Dennis Mortensen at Indextools the seven Analytic KPI characteristics are:

1. a KPI echoes organizational goals
2. a KPI is decided by management
3. a KPI provides context
4. a KPI creates meaning on all organizational levels
5. a KPI is based on legitimate data
6. a KPI is easy to understand
7. a KPI leads to action!

So are you ready to challange Dennis on this or read more about this?

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