The Analytic Path to Glory! The Seven Golden KPI’s…

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  1. The Analytic Path to Glory! The Seven Golden KPI’s…:

    [...] Winning Online â?? Making Sense of Online Marketing wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt Did you know the difference between a KPI and a Metric? KPI being Key Performance indicator and while you are at it remember that a KPI is a Metric but a Metric is not necessarily a KPI! Little like Cognac and Brandy, all Cognac is Brandy but not all Brandy is… you get my drift. So… according to Dennis Mortensen at Indextools the seven KPI characteristics are: 1. a KPI echoes organizational goals 2. a KPI is decided by management 3. a KPI provides context 4. a KPI creates meaning on all or [...]

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