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Advertising what exactly? See it at DNA 2008 Brussels 3rd and 4th of March

DNA 2008Our own Kristjan Mar Hauksson has been asked to chair a part of the DNA conference in Brussles next month. The title is Advertising what exactly? and the speakers are from a very diffirent corners in the Internet world. They are Richard Foan, Managing Director, ABCe, Maurits van Rijckevorsel, Business manager Cross Media, De Telegraaf and Norm Johnston, joint CEO, MindShare Interaction EMEA. The session it self looks great as does the whole conference.

The topic: “As the world goes to broadband, nonlinear and video on demand how do content providers quantify their reach? How do advertisers view the new content landscape? In this session we hear how advertisers are adjusting their working practices and expectations and what they will soon expect from media companies and content providers. How do media companies develop the digital sales story that incorporates cross platform offerings? What are advertisers interested in paying for? ”

 Not small topics that we take on. More about the agenda at DNA 2008 at

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European Search Personality of the year 2014, Kristján Már Hauksson, is the Co-Founder and COO of SMFB Engine, based in Oslo, Norway. This newfound digital activation/marketing agency works closely with the award winning creative agency, SMFB, in making sure that each idea has the digital presence to make it fly. Kristján is a publish author on the topic Internet Marketing and Search Engine Marketing.

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