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Great stuff at the Digital News Affairs DNA 2008 Conference

Kristjan at the DNA 2008I am attending and moderating a session (chairing) at the Digital News Affairs DNA 2008 and I am having a blast, started with a blast when Michael Rosenblum, President of RosenblumTV and the designer of (Al Gores social network news site) talked about his view, you might say little black and white, but still not to be ignored. He talked about old media being a little like the Ice salesman before the arrival of the fridges, fine business until the refrigerators replaced them. The Internet being the refrigerators and the ice salesman the old type media. Then there was a session on “How to survive in the digital news age” chaired by Richard Gizbert and I must he did a great job tackeling a big topic “The future relationship between content, consumers and the media; what do modern news and content organizations need to do to succeed in the digital news age.” what I found lacking was though the role of pull versus push in regards of content gathering and how media like Reuters are dealing with localization, having in mind that only 30% of the Internet users speak English and even fewer have it as their mother language.

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  1. Did my piece to day, great session with great speakers. Topics ranged on everything from Belgian Cheese to analytic audits and reinventing the business model for traditional media.

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