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Speaking on Managing PPC for Multiple Clients

I will be speaking at the SES NY this week, the topic is huge “managing PPC for Multiple Clients” with me┬ápanelists will discuss industry best practices in Pay Per Click Account Management as well as geographical ad targeting, best use of ad spend per keyword, targeting competitive vs. niche keywords, and managing multiple clients while using multiple ad tracks. As I said a huge topic. The session is on the 19th at 16:00 and I look forward taking my twist on this topic.

Other speakers are:
Gregg Galletta, Director of Sales, IndustryBrains
Matt Van Wagner, President, Find Me Faster
Ken Yarmosh, Director of Search Technology, Clickable

And the moderator is David Szetela, CEO, Clix Marketing whom I never worked with before. Actually I have never done a seassion with any of the above gentleman but they all sound really professional and one has even asked me for the Icelandic Viking brandy, Black Death so ofcourse I bring a bottle :-)

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Kristjan Mar Hauksson is the founder and director of search and online communications at Nordic eMarketing. The company specializes in multilingual online communications, organic search engine optimization, and marketing through several verticals such as tourism, finance, government, and pharmaceuticals. It helps companies gain international visibility online and to use the Internet as a communication channel; it also provides consultation in web content management systems and analytics solutions. Hauksson is on the board of directors of SEMPO, on the Advisory board for Bing Advertising and founded the Iceland SEO/SEM forum. He has been involved in developing Internet solutions since 1996, and involved in search engine optimization and marketing since 1997. He is a publish author on the topic of Internet Marketing and among other co-authored the acclaimed Global Search Engine Marketing.

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