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The 10 new rules of marketing according to Omniture

I was recently at SES NY and browsing through the wast number of booths at the expo I picked up a small piece of paper named “10 new Rules of marketing” and as I said before this is according to Omniture.

These are the rules of marketing:

1. demand accountability of your team, your agency, your budget, everything. Complete transparency must be completely obvious.

2. Measure what matters; what matters is actionable. Make sure that everything that you measure, is measured in the same way. Action’s where the action is.

3. Automation is the marketer’s new best friend. More automation = more action = more uplift.

4. Customer-centricity is no mandatory for survival.We are moving toward segments of one: individual cusomer.

5. Embrace  the end of the gut-feel test everything. Proving the boss wrong may be the most satisfying part of your day.

6. Relevance rules. Target with the right content and offers.

7. Online informs everything. Every channel is now beholden to the mighty web site.

8. If you don’t have digital expertise you’d better buy some now.It may buy you a market leading postion.

9. Meet the new CEO: Customer Engagement Optimization. Move over big guy-maximizing customer interactions from click to lifetime value will drive your business now.

10. Rules? There aren’t any hard and fast rules anymore. Customers are king, fickle, and move fast, so once you’ve learned the rules, they’ve changed.

And that it, short and sweet. Compliments of Omniture.

On personal notes I am not sure that I agree with the “end of the gut-feel” as for me it has often helped me when there are no demographics and/or measurements to go by and on the topic of automatition, you are talking to a guy tha doubts what excel calculates.

The other rules, specially the number 10 are spot on, enjoy!

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