Monthly Archives: May 2008

Did your site get hacked? Get the malware of your server!

Does this show under you title in Google Results? “This site may harm your computer.” If so get a Google Webmaster Tools account and identified the pages containing the malware the hacker left behind on your web. After you have removed it goto the site and let them know.

I have hear that that as Google clamps down tighter on typical and easier webspamming it drives spammers to engage in more nefarious behaviors to get links, that leads to hacking.

Sometimes you just can’t win 

Why do consumers choose organic search over paid in the SERP’s?

It is no surprise that people want to click on organic (natural) SERP’s. According to an article I saw in Marketing week (UK Magazine) over 58% do not click on organic because “Natural search links are Independent”, 51% because “they think they are more likely to give me the results I’m looking for”. Then there is the trust factor, 31% trust search engines to give relevant results. What I find most striking about this research is that only 51% of people know the difference between paid and organic search.

SMX Advanced here I come!

Search Marketing Expo, SMX Advanced is for experienced search marketers who want take on sessions at a high knowledge-level and stay ahead in the ever changing world of search. I will be speaking with three other speakers at session called “International SEO“. With me I will have my good friend Andy Atkins-Kruger and two other speakers that I have not been so lucky to speak with before.

This is as great oppertunity for me, not only to shine my light and knowledge but to hear colleges like Matt Cutts (Google) and Kevin Johnson (Microsoft) speak on high-level topics. I am also looking forward seeing what Vanessa Fox has cooked up for the “Developer Day“.

Beside this all I have always wanted to travel to Seattle and the great state of Washington so, SMX and Seattle, here I come!

Well managed Cruise Europe Conference in Klaipeda

Just came from a well managed Cruise Europe Conference in Klaipeda, Lithuania. 100 largest ports in Europe, consultants and travel experts came together and talked about the future of cruise shipping in the world and the economic impact of cruises on small cities like Klaipeda and Reykjavik and large destinations like London and Amsterdam to mention few.

My session talked about how to use the Internet in B2B and the possibilities of targeting B2B by targeting B2C and through that influencing cruise liners/companies.

Great conference and even though I have worked for over 10 years as a Internet consultant for the travel industry I have never been so lucky to look at the cruise industry in such detail. I must say it is a fascinating industry.