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SMX Advanced was all that I expected and more

I just came from Seattle where I attended SMX Advanced, both as a speaker and a guest. And I must say that Chris Sherman, Danny and their team did a great job at this event. Everything from the set-up, the speakers, sessions and not least the speakers and the session moderators. If I had to find anything to complain about it was the noise interruption from the breakfast hall to the main conference room, but as I said other than that, five stars out of five.

Chris contacted me some months back and asked me to be a part of the International SEO panel with three other speakers, WebCertain’s Andy Atkins Kruger whom I have spoken with on several occasions, also in Iceland. Then there was Ian McAnerin and finally, but not least, the lovely Cindy Krum.
As can be expected we all took this topic from a similar point of view, Ian focused on Asia, Andy looked at the broader picture, Cindy looked at the site architecture and Google Webmaster Tools while I was close to home focusing on the Nordics and Yahoo’s concept of region.

So what is this concept of region? Two years ago I needed to create a business case on why a client needed to change their tactics in order to succeed locally with their search marketing efforts. Their focus was on having all of their material through a .COM domain and they actually closed all of their Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) and routed them to the .COM domain.

Through the many conferences I have spoken at, I have had good contact with various search marketing professionals and all of the agreed that the tactics of my client was not going to help them much, but none of the search engine representatives wanted to go on the record on how they deal with localizing search results, except one from Yahoo. This was John Riccardi, who at that time, was the head of search for Yahoo! Europe, if I remember correctly. Since then he has stopped working at Yahoo and is studying MBA in the US – good luck to him!

So what is it all about? Simply put:

1) The ccTLD (.de and .is are ccTLD while .com is a TLD),
2) The text/copy on the site / pages,
3) Type of inbound links, they need to be regional, and finally,
4) The IP address provided by the ISP/hosting company.

So how can you buy a ccTLD? Do you find a hosting company that has a regional IP address or copywriters in the language that you want to target, and do link building to target that region? I am going to answer that question in my next post here so do come back soon!

Kristjan Mar
Kristján Már Hauksson COO SMFB Engine @optimizeyourweb