Is Microsoft testing Live Search?

It seems that Microsoft is testing Live Search. I have seen tens of visits to sites directly from “ (”, their headquaters in Washington DC – “us , WA, Washington”. This blog has had 8 visits from Microsoft under the search terms “search” and “Google”, here is a sample. These are all new visitors, that means that they are either clearing their cookie or there many testers running these test at the same time. All the testers seam to be using IE7 and 800 x 600 screen resolution.

What also stands out is that most of the time they are not coming to the same landing pages at this blog, I have counted eight so far, what is also something to consider is that when I try to search for the same words I can’t see anything from Optimizer Your Web.

I have gotten calls, over the past days, from clients wondering the same thing, why is Microsoft coming in so often? These search also seem to have it in common that they are nearly all single word searches. This has happened with my clients in the UK, France, Denmark, Iceland and the US.

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  2. We have been experiencing this also at our site and few of our clients. This is Microsoft testing and I do like that they are doing it in the open.

  3. So Mel is MSN trying to tackle europe better? They have done a great job localizing MSN for Iceland.

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