6 thoughts on “The adult Industry versus Radisson SAS

  1. Hill and Knowlton’s Corporate Reputation Watch 2004 Survey: Some key findings

    93% of senior executives believe that customers consider corporate reputation important or extremely important

    79% of senior executives believe that investors and lenders consider CR either important or very important

    The impact of corporate governance has increased dramatically since 5 years ago: now

    40% of senior executives believe that strong corporate governance is a critical factor that potential investors consider before committing, whereas 5 years only 19% thought the same.

    This was 2004, now? The same!

  2. And to add to this: In 2001, the insurance firm Aon did a researsch into the top 2000 UK’s private companies and showed that “loss of reputation” was viewed as the greatest risk, followed by failure to change”

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