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Is Googlebot unnecessarily crawling a large number of distinct URLs on your site?

Have you seen this message? “Googlebot encountered an extremely high number of links on your site.” I have and more than once and more than twice. The main problem with organic internet marketing is understanding that the core, the foundation, of your success is technology and having Google to go through unnecessarily high numbers of URLs can be caused by a variety of problems for your online marketing efforts. One of them being that Google just gives up and throws your web out.

If your URLS look like this:

Start by getting a Google Webmaster account and activate it, implement it on your site. Then look at your data as it is collected, you might actually get an email from Google Support saying something like:

“Googlebot encountered an extremely high number of links on your site. This may indicate a problem with your site’s URL structure. Googlebot may unnecessarily be crawling a large number of distinct URLs that point to identical or similar content, or crawling parts of your site that are not intended to be crawled by Googlebot. As a result Googlebot may consume much more bandwidth than necessary, or may be unable to completely index all of the content on your site.”

If this is the case ACT on it, this is Google giving you heads up before the real problem starts.

Remember that the best solution is to choose a good search engine friendly web CMS when you start your online presence or you are reinventing your company online.

Google reports one Trillion unique URLs on the Internet

“Google says the Web has hit a new milestone: more than one trillion active, unique URLs.” That is something like 1.000.000 x 1.000.000 = To compare that number to something:
305.000 people live in Iceland
65.000.000 people live in the UK (around)
235.000.000 people live in the US (around) people live on the earth
5 people live, not on earth :-)

Con grat internet users, this is a milestone!

Finding your bank account emptied can be a nightmare!

True? Hmmm yes…. Online identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America and the UK, with over over 50,000 people become victims of identity theft every day. Imagine that!

85% of victims don’t even find out about the theft, until they’re denied credit, the average victim spends over 600 hours fixing the problem, it takes the average victim a staggering one and a half year to return to normality! To top it up one in ten adults will be victims of identity theft in the next five years and the amount of cash spent during an average identity theft crime is 100,000 US dollars.

And to top it up Internet users like me and you are a staggering 50x more likely to fall victime to identity theft than those that do not use the Internet.

What is the world comming to!

Speaking at the a4uexpo in London, 14 – 15 Oct

… and the a4uexpo stands for THE Affiliate Marketing Conference and Expo where guests will learn strategies to increase their online revenue using affiliate marketing, This will also include related topics such as Search Engine Optimizing (SEO), Paid Search (PPC), Video, Mobile, PR, Cashback and the king of all topics Social Media.

Must say that I’m really excited about this event and it has a great line-up of speakers including Andy Atkins Kruger og WebCertain, Dixon Jones of Receptional, Mel Carson AdCenter Community Manager at MSN, The SEO Chick Judith ‘deCabbit’ Lewis, Joost De Valk from Onetomarket in Holland plus some 10 other great speakers.

It’s held at the ExCeL in London, see you there!

Are you willing to question the value of social media traffic?

“If you could choose between 1,000 social media visitors and 1,000 search engine visitors for your blog or business, which would you choose?” This is a question asked at a “SEO vs SMO – Traffic Quality Put To The Test” post at the SEO Scoop website. The conclusion in short is that Social Media Optimization is far beyond traffic from the search engines. Most of my studies have concluded the same results, but not always as straight forward as shown the SEM Scoop article/research. My friend Matt Bailey is one of many industry experts to question the value of social media traffic and in a great article at his blog he writes about social media and it being under the microscope.

What I am finding is that agencies are using these buzz words to throw at their clients and because of the hype around it most are buying into it. The best (and the worst) thing about Internet marketing is that it is so measurable and it is possible in real time to see the impact of all online marketing efforts with nearly 100% accuracy.

My advice to companies that want to use social media optimization is to go through their web analytics see what and how their traffic is being driven, do A and B testing. What happens before and what happens after.

Look the models Matt and Lucio have made and see how they fit your company.

Nordic eMarketing just moved offices

I think we must have made some-kind of a record, we moved 12 desks, servers, phone lines and other office related stuff and got it up and running with in 22 hours.

Nordic eMarketing moved from Sidumuli 15 to Brautarholt 8, 105 Reykjavik. On the third floor you will find Iceland’s largest Creative Advertising Agency (Hvitahusid) and sharing the second floor with us is ABS Media.

Select a pair of socks and you are off to Iceland!

Here is a great, yet simple sample of a viral campaign. Users got to select a pair of socks, customize their experience in Iceland by selecting scenes for a video and add subtitles. When you are happy with it send the movie to your friend(s).

Similar aproach as with the Dexter viral, that of I could not have enough and really funny.

It goes with out a saying that this is done to promote Iceland and you flying to Iceland with a local airline, ignore that and look at the video that it generates. It does required a lot of time for the users to do and pass it on.

Go and get your socks!

A SEO Howler, Comon Virgin Atlantic it’s 2008!

I never thought I would say it but come on Virgin Atlantic its 2008! This is one of the worst search engine optimising howlers I have seen on a company that has it all, It’s hip, cool and dynamic. The 404 shows a 200 in the header, with some 40 – 50 destinations only 195 pages are indexed at Google and some of them are’nt there, like this URL The usage of Meta data and the title are little to none, “meta name=”description” content=”” . Look at this also:

It’s not that I do not like Virgin, it’s just that I am so surpriced to see a modern company in a very competitive environment not using the Internet to it’s fullest.

And to add to this I can’t see that they are using any web analytics, what???

Statistics Iceland has published the results of its seventh Internet usage survey

Results show that the vast majority of Icelandic households have a computer and access to the Internet. In 2008, 92% of the households had a computer and 88% of the households had access to the Internet. The xDSL Internet connection is the most common type of Internet connections within Icelandic households whereas 94% of the Internet-connected households used an xDSL connection in 2008. That year only 5% of the Internet-connected households used a dial-up telephone connection or an ISDN connection.

Use of computers and the Internet is very widespread among individuals in Iceland. In 2008, 92% of the population aged 16–74 years used a computer and 91% had used the Internet in a period of three months prior to the survey. As in previous years the Internet is mainly used for information search and communication. In 2008, 36% of internet users aged 16–74 years had ordered goods or services over the Internet during a period of three months prior to the survey. As in previous years, the most popular goods and services purchased over the Internet are related to travel and accommodation.

New Reykjavik Internet Marketing conference

The date has been set for a new Internet Marketing Conference, 20th of March 2009 at the Hilton Nordica, Reykjavik Iceland. The line-up of speakers (by far not final) is starting to look really promising with speakers from the likes of SEOmoz, Google, Yahoo, IBM, eNewsWire, Xerox, Optimising, WebCertain Norway, NetComunities, The Digital Inovation Group and more.

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