Bye, bye to my favorite SEO tool

It is official Yahoo is officially and finally discontinuing it’s Overture keyword suggestion tool. Sad but true! So bye, bye, adieu, farwell. My favorite multilingual SEO 1.0 tool gone forever! Now all roads lead to

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  1. Overture stopped working well while ago. There are other tools you can still use for multilingual SEO.

    I don’t think we are missing much at this point. Plus, as you well know Overture data was inflated by scrapers and bots that were hitting them 24/7.

  2. You are quite right and thanks for the link, looks like a good collection of multilingual keyword research tools.

  3. For the Nordics you might want to contact the likes of Kvasir and Leit directly to get the keywords you are looking for. Mikkels Keywordmaker is propably also fine, I have ordered data test data from him twice and never got it.

  4. Thanks for the tip about Kvasir & Leit. I haven’t done any project in Nordic Languages yet, so I’ll be interested to see how that goes with their information in the future.

    I heard before that you can contact them directly and they will provide a keyword list with no hesitation. Have you had any experience with them? If so, we’re talking about a simple hit and ask? or a more bureaucratic process?

    Sorry to hear about your experience with Keywordmaker. A friend of mine suggested its inclusion in the list, but I might have to reconsider if there is solid evidence of not really delivering results.


  5. Kvasir has done great for us, so I recommend them

  6. That’s very sad. I remember this easy tool, which could help us in the online marketing field every time. Sad, but true. However there are still several tools that work. Thanks for sharing that information, haven’t heard about it, before this moment.