Microsoft counts for 50% of my blogs visits

OK what is up Doc? Microsoft now counts for nearly 50% of total visits at this blog. As I mentioned some days back this has been going on for some weeks now.

The visits according to my Yahoo! Indextools are all from, WA, Washington and either they are clearing their coockies after each visit or there is big group of people testing/searching. These are all mostly one phrase searches, MSIE 7 and low screen resolutions.

The phrases that I am seeing are search, optimize, content, google and so on.


Date:2008-07-05 16:11:19

IP/Host: (

Country: us , WA, Washington

No. of visits: New visitor

Entry page:Optimize Your W…people – Part 2

Visit path:VIEW VISIT PATH – 1 page view


Search phrase: search

System:Windows 2003

Browser:MSIE 7.0

Language:English (United States)

Javascript:Enabled [1.5]

Monitor color:32 bit


Cookies: Enabled

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