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A SEO Howler, Comon Virgin Atlantic it’s 2008!

I never thought I would say it but come on Virgin Atlantic its 2008! This is one of the worst search engine optimising howlers I have seen on a company that has it all, It’s hip, cool and dynamic. The 404 shows a 200 in the header, with some 40 – 50 destinations only 195 pages are indexed at Google and some of them are’nt there, like this URL The usage of Meta data and the title are little to none, “meta name=”description” content=”” . Look at this also:

It’s not that I do not like Virgin, it’s just that I am so surpriced to see a modern company in a very competitive environment not using the Internet to it’s fullest.

And to add to this I can’t see that they are using any web analytics, what???

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One thought on “A SEO Howler, Comon Virgin Atlantic it’s 2008!

  1. I have had some response to my post, not that Virgin comes on and tells me why this is, nobe I can see using my WebAnlytics solution that I have had 5 visits from Virgin and I am not talking about Virgin the ISP. I have through the years worked for 7 airlines of those 5 are commercial and two are on the top 10 list of the largest airlines in the world, they are big. But big does not meen better in marketing and bigger does not mean that they have little to no problems. Virgin my number is +354 860 9500, the email kmh at and our url

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