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Statistics Iceland has published the results of its seventh Internet usage survey

Results show that the vast majority of Icelandic households have a computer and access to the Internet. In 2008, 92% of the households had a computer and 88% of the households had access to the Internet. The xDSL Internet connection is the most common type of Internet connections within Icelandic households whereas 94% of the Internet-connected households used an xDSL connection in 2008. That year only 5% of the Internet-connected households used a dial-up telephone connection or an ISDN connection.

Use of computers and the Internet is very widespread among individuals in Iceland. In 2008, 92% of the population aged 16–74 years used a computer and 91% had used the Internet in a period of three months prior to the survey. As in previous years the Internet is mainly used for information search and communication. In 2008, 36% of internet users aged 16–74 years had ordered goods or services over the Internet during a period of three months prior to the survey. As in previous years, the most popular goods and services purchased over the Internet are related to travel and accommodation.

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