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Is Indextools Rubix being sold? The Crown Jewel of Data Mining!

Great! Yahoo wants people to be able to opt outWe here at Optimize Your Web have seen a lot of activity on our blog recently where large corporations are searching for the phrase “Indextools Rubix” and showing up at our site. All of these companies are know either for their IT solutions or data mining tools. This is unusual traffic, specially over such a short time.  As Yahoo has bought Indextools me and my team have been wondering what will become of Rubix as it does not make any sense for Yahoo to keep that tool as a part of their arsenal.

So the question is; Is Yahoo! selling the Indextools jewel Rubix?

Microsoft counts for 50% of my blogs visits

OK what is up Doc? Microsoft now counts for nearly 50% of total visits at this blog. As I mentioned some days back this has been going on for some weeks now.

The visits according to my Yahoo! Indextools are all from, WA, Washington and either they are clearing their coockies after each visit or there is big group of people testing/searching. These are all mostly one phrase searches, MSIE 7 and low screen resolutions.

The phrases that I am seeing are search, optimize, content, google and so on.

Date:2008-07-05 16:11:19
IP/Host: (
Country: us , WA, Washington

No. of visits: New visitor
Entry page:Optimize Your W…people – Part 2
Visit path:VIEW VISIT PATH – 1 page view
Search phrase: search
System:Windows 2003
Browser:MSIE 7.0
Language:English (United States)
Javascript:Enabled [1.5]
Monitor color:32 bit
Cookies: Enabled

Bye, bye to my favorite SEO tool

It is official Yahoo is officially and finally discontinuing it’s Overture keyword suggestion tool. Sad but true! So bye, bye, adieu, farwell. My favorite multilingual SEO 1.0 tool gone forever! Now all roads lead to

Get your Yahoo ringtone here

OK, so I am going Yahoo crazy now, I was recently at a seminar and I heard this strange sound everytime a drawer at Yahoo employees desk was opened – I thought this would be a great ring-tone.

This was the Yahoo howler, YahOOOOoooo! – So with the help of my Windows Mobile phone I recorded the sound and now have it as my ring tone.

As I am so happy with it I am going to share it with you – Yaooo-Ring Tone.

It’s a RMF file so you need QuickTime to play it or Windows Mobile Media Player.


Using Google Earth as a messenger

Ok, little extreme but you can use Google Earth as your personal messenger. So this is the scenario, you paint on your roof “hi, how are you? The weather is great here.”, then your friend located somewhere else waits for Google to update their pictures, then when he/she spots your message, they write their greeting back and so on.

Easy as a pie, maybe not the most dynamic way in communicating but definitely fun and teaches patience. Let’s look at it this way during World War two my grand parents did all of their interaction through snail mail and it took letters up to three months to travel.

Another scenario is us getting messages out there, most of us have access to huge billboards (the roofs). For example you can now track Tour de France via Google Earth, I dare all the house owners on that way to write on their roofs “Make Peace not War!” or “Give peace a chance”.

I am not talking about advertising (one more), I am talking about personal messages between individuals.

If you find any personal messages on peoples roofs, screenshot them and let me know.

Google Earth can well be used as our personal messenger!