Monthly Archives: November 2008

Most of the top UK PR agencies do not offer online press releases

Recent survey carried out by Bigmouthmedia revealed that 79 out of the 100 top UK PR companies don’t offer online PR services.

Sadly, only 14% of the operations that claimed to have new media covered, published their own blogs. All in all, surprisingly as low as 11% of UK PR consultancies communicate with clients, colleagues and the wider marketplace via their blogs.

Companies nowadays still do not seem to see the real semantic difference between online press releases and digital press releases.

The following figures for October 2008 in the UK show the differences in terms of their relative search popularity:

Online PR 2,900
Online public relations 1,600
Web PR 880
Digital PR 590
Internet PR 260
Internet Public Relations 170
Digital public relations 73

Just came home from the International Search Summit

the Summit, presented by WebCertain was held in central London last Thursday. The ISS is search marketing event with a niche, focusing on multilingual and international search marketing.

All of the sessions had a global approach looking at the issues affecting online marketers when they are managing campaigns in multiple languages and countries. The do’s and dont’s.

Among great speakers the ISS had Alex Burmaster from Nielsen Online, Eugene Lomize from Yandex, Christer Pettersson from the Scandinavian search engine Eniro, Andy Atkins-Krüger of WebCertain, Jessica Bowman of Jessica Bowman SEO and Ed Pushman from the Microsoft adCenter.

Great event and even greater after me and Eugene sang some Russian folk songs at the Ivy in Soho and had an instand offer from Simon Cowell on the SEO Factor.

And talking about Russian folk songs we are Nordic eMarketing are starting to prepare for the Reykjavik Internet Marketing Summit in March next year. We already have speakers from Google, Nike, Augure, IBM, Microsoft and Yandex lined up and more to me announced –

Click here for more information about the International Search Summit