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Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference next month

RIMC, the mother of all internet marketing conferences, is coming up, the Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference and Expo is getting to be a annual event on an international Scale. Started back in 2004 with Chris Sherman, Shari Thurow and Michael Holland as speakers. In 2005 we had a small local event, 2006 Bill Hunt, Andy Atkins Kruger, John Riccardi, Dixon Jones, Anne Kennedy, Dr. Brian Clifton and Sara Anderson came over, plus some ten others. Last year we had a more media focused conference with speakers such as Dennis Mortensen, Steffen Gausemel Backe, Rob Walk, Joost Valk og Hubert Diemel among others.

This year we are blowing on the recession and having a formidable team of speakers from companies like NIKE, Ericsson, NFL, IBM, Google, Microsoft, SEOmoz, Receptional, Web Certain and Beyond Ink, not forgetting my friend Shari Thurow who is coming for the third time and now showcasing her new book on usability and accessibility.

The conference date is 20th of March, Friday (great option for a long weekend in Iceland), Icelandair has good deals on flights and there are great deals in hotels – For more information go to

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