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Airlines plan to increase Internet marketing in the recession

Despite trends in former recessions of decreased marketing, there are signs that many companies might keep their marketing efforts unchanged or even increased this time around.

For the airline industry which is traditionally very recession sensitive, this might be particularly true. The flight industry magazine, Airline Business, in its latest issue publishes the results of a survey conducted among 22 top level airline executives. The surveyed focuses on the airlines marketing directions and size of their marketing budgets for 2009. Interestingly, as much as 60 percent of the participating airlines claim that it is important to invest more in marketing during a recession, to stimulate demand. Read more »

Use the Internet, It’s 2009

Sometimes its good to be taken back a few steps and being reminded of the world that is inhabited by “normal” Internet users. Working professionally everyday with the Internet as a sales and marketing channel, easily makes you loose the perspective of those people. The people that are the end receivers of our clients messages and products.

Luckily though, an article in The Mail on Sunday on the 15th of February reminded me of the Internet reality that actually reigns out there outside of our office walls. Entitled “Millions lost by firms who ignore the net”, the article reveals that six out of ten British companies do not use the Internet to sell their products, even though they are quite happy to use the Internet to buy goods and services for their organizations. A survey on small businesses (up to 50 people) showed that four out of five use their website to showcase their goods rather than sell it. Even more surprising, 67 percent believed that they would not find customers online if they were to try. Considering the fact that 20 billion pounds was spent online during 2008, it feels safe to assume that they are wrong and that they are loosing out on considerable earnings by not incorporating the Internet as a serious marketing and sales channel. Read more »

Exciting keynote for Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference

I am really excited about the keynote for RIMC 2009, it’s guy called Allen McCaskill, Director & Media Solutions at Ericsson NWE. His topic will be dealing with marketing in a multichannel environment. Really cool topic. For more information go to the Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference site.

Online Reputation Services and ePR

I am starting to see more and more companies out there specializing in online reputation management and ePR. We have been doing this since 2005 inspired by such good people as Greg Jarboe what we have seen more and more are consultants and programs that tell you that there is a problem but can do little to implement the help needed to deal with the problem or help boost the positive impact out there.

Key questions as what to do if you company is under a brand attack online? How doe deal with that? How do you implement your online crisis management plan or for that matter create it? The list of questions goes on and on. Through Nordic eMarketing services eNews PR we have been working with companies on a multilingual scale creating in cooperation with traditional PR companies and Communication departments strategies dealing with scenarios that have had unforeseen effects on companies and peoples reputation among other.

Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference next month

RIMC, the mother of all internet marketing conferences, is coming up, the Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference and Expo is getting to be a annual event on an international Scale. Started back in 2004 with Chris Sherman, Shari Thurow and Michael Holland as speakers. In 2005 we had a small local event, 2006 Bill Hunt, Andy Atkins Kruger, John Riccardi, Dixon Jones, Anne Kennedy, Dr. Brian Clifton and Sara Anderson came over, plus some ten others. Last year we had a more media focused conference with speakers such as Dennis Mortensen, Steffen Gausemel Backe, Rob Walk, Joost Valk og Hubert Diemel among others.

This year we are blowing on the recession and having a formidable team of speakers from companies like NIKE, Ericsson, NFL, IBM, Google, Microsoft, SEOmoz, Receptional, Web Certain and Beyond Ink, not forgetting my friend Shari Thurow who is coming for the third time and now showcasing her new book on usability and accessibility.

The conference date is 20th of March, Friday (great option for a long weekend in Iceland), Icelandair has good deals on flights and there are great deals in hotels – For more information go to