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International Search Summit in Oslo has started

Firstly check out the Reykjavik Intenret Marketing Conference Expo – Or RIMC next week, 20th of March.

“Russia is the fastest growing search market in Europe but it’s easiest to get you money out of Brazil” Says Andy Atkins Kruger in his presentation. The emerging markets are Brazil, Russia, India and China or BRIC as it’s called. Russia is quite target-able through cities as some are larger than the whole population of countries in Europe.

The conference just started and It looks good, John Brenne of Webcertain Oslo gave a good introduction of things to come and Andy took over and is now talking about the the diffirent language markets focusing on the above BRIC.

India is a market that not so many target, it seams a forgotten market. The growth of Internet usage is great, even though the country only holds only 10% of the Asian Market.

In China Baidu holds some 73% at the expense of Yahoo but Google holds a string position. Andy also says that Google is the largest in the world, yes sir.

So what are the issues managing campaigns and what are the main elements “SEO, Paid Search and Social Networks” – Use UTF-8 (Unicode), this is important across the line, especially when you look at Google and how it uses UTF-8. Then Andy mentions 301’s and SEO localization, Keyword research, Glossary, Translation then Optimize and polish in the end. Remember alternative spellings and words that you might be missing out on.

The France are very dependant on Google correcting them when they search, they leave out parts of words and let Google correct them, and Google does that but not always. Don’t force languages to them that they might not want, make them choose by them selfs.

When Google comes in it Spiders and then check’s the language on the page and that helps then put the search results forward.

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