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International Search Summit thoughts

Thanks John, good conference, me and Jens learned few things to take home. Andy’s insight was great as always. I was unlucky to miss Efva Gabrielsson’s “The inhouse perspective on internationalizing your brand using SEO/ SEM”. But Jens told me he did take some good notes from the session.

Gard Jenssen of was great and it was great to hear that there are companies out there that have their SEO worth calculated into their worth.

Me and Jens Peter Nielsen from Dynamic Web came next, and I think that it went ok. Got our message across and people had some good questions.

After lunch there was the SEO Howlers session, Dixon Jones who has been doing the session with me and Andy was missing but we had Sergey Dmitriev from and he brought some good howlers with him, you could say that Elkjop and Boobs came out as a strong topic.

Beate Lofseik from was next, she talked about their work for, can’t say agreed with all she said but it was a good lecture anyway.

 Aftir this I had to go for meeting in Oslo, but when I came back Andy and Jørgen Brunborg from Næss, Synlighet were closing their session.

Then there was the Netwroking cocktail – That’s all folks!

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European Search Personality of the year 2014, Kristján Már Hauksson, is the Co-Founder and COO of SMFB Engine, based in Oslo, Norway. This newfound digital activation/marketing agency works closely with the award winning creative agency, SMFB, in making sure that each idea has the digital presence to make it fly. Kristján is a publish author on the topic Internet Marketing and Search Engine Marketing.

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