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Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference Warp-up

The final session of the day is the wrap-up and case studies chaired by Rand Fiskin. It is going to be a dissection of five websites of conference attendees, from a technical point of view to see what’s great and what’s not.


And the panellists are in tough mood and not going to pull any punches.


This particular session is not particularly bloggable, partly because it’s a fast paced chat and partly because some of the website owners may not want their sites trashing outside of this room!


The day is fast coming to a close now and the guests’ cocktail party is coming right up. The cocktail party is going to be a great chance for people to network with the experts and get the questions answered that are still burning in their minds.


If you’ve enjoyed the little tiny glimpse we’ve shown you today, then keep your eye on and be sure to attend this great event next year!


Thanks for reading, and here’s to a great weekend – cheers!

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