One thought on “The Search Engines. The session is chaired by Hjálmar Gíslason.

  1. With regard to the Google results in China – they have had a lot of difficulties in the Chinese market, and although the government cannot force them to put anything on their page, but they can and do tell them what not to put.

    Not only in China – but also in Australia with the new list of websites it is banned to link to. Mostly child pornography, but also, rather worryingly, now the free speech advocacy group that originally complained about the law in the first place.

    60-70% of SEO moz time with initial client interactions is in making the sites search spider friendly. Making the base strong.

    Next is to add the icing on the cake and general maintenance. The foundations are fundamental. And maintaining that accessibility and keeping it in mind at all time. Also avoid duplicate content.

    It’s a process of removing bottlenecks and improving traffic flow. Websites are like a road network.

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