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Yahoo! annouces the lauch of the Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network (YWACN)

Yahoo! just announced the launch of the Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network (YWACN) which will replace the good old IndexTools Partner Program. It’s great and exciting to that Yahoo! is moving and that Dennis and his team in the US and Hungary are still alive and kicking.  I am looking forward seeing the latest updates on the system and actually also reading the book Dennis Mortensen wrote onWeb Analytics. Met Dennis at the SES NY at the Yahoo! stand and he was very excited about the book and knowing him the quality of it will be great.

Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time.

Yes and so? I have been following the Twitter phenomenon and I must say I have no understanding of what the cool is all about? I am sorry, I will be using it further but I have witnessed a group of people just loose them self’s in twittering. I know that it is the information age, but is there nothing that is not worth mentioning? If Facebook is a time killer, man Twitter goes far beyond that.

And now Facebook has something called Tweeter it’s a Twitter Interface that allows you to post new tweets through Facebook, automatically update your status whenever you tweet, from anywhere. Imaging that!

Okay I might be little to gloomy here but I am still not seeing the real advantage of Twitter over Facebook or for that matter MSN Messanger, but then again I am not Twittering all day in and out as some of my friends seem to be doing. Phfeffff!!!

There are not many that did predict the success of Twitter and I must ask what is next? We write only every other word in a sentence or instead
of writing we blog by choosing pictures only?

I think it’s time we step back a little

Speaking at the London SMX

One of my favourite conference, the SMX London, will be held on the 18th and the 19th of May. I have been offered to speak on the Brand & Reputation Management Strategies session with Mel Carson, adCenter Community Manager – Europe, Microsoft and Mikkel deMib Svendsen, Creative Director, Both great guy’s. The conference is

Session description: “With the proliferation of blogs, social media and other “consumer generated content” sites it’s getting more challenging for organizations to manage perceptions about their products and services. How can you respond to negative opinions, much less find them? How can you correct misleading information on sites you don’t control-including search result pages? Learn how to “take back the web” in this session.”

You can find a great summary of last years conference at the DataDial Blog and a Video Round-up at You Tube. Not sure that the Video does the conference full justice but at least some climbs into what is going on.

On my way back from a really successful SES in NY

Saw some great session and did couple my self one on the basics of link-bulidning and one on Online Reputation Management and PR.
The earlier was done with six speakers sharing the session, three from agencies and three from the search engines. In this case Microsoft, Yahoo and ASK. Read more »

At the SES New York

I am at the SES New York and it looks like a good conference. Speaking tomorrow on the basics of link-building and then on online PR and Reputation management on thursday.

Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference Warp-up

The final session of the day is the wrap-up and case studies chaired by Rand Fiskin. It is going to be a dissection of five websites of conference attendees, from a technical point of view to see what’s great and what’s not.


And the panellists are in tough mood and not going to pull any punches.


This particular session is not particularly bloggable, partly because it’s a fast paced chat and partly because some of the website owners may not want their sites trashing outside of this room! Read more »

Case Studies and Success Stories and is chaired by Kristjan Mar

The penultimate conference session today is called Case Studies and Success Stories and is chaired by Kristján Már.

Óli Kr Ólafsson from Nordic eMarketing takes the podium first. He talks about an example of an Icelandic car dealership which tried not to shoot a small bird with a cannon. More targeted approach is cheaper and better.

Nordic ePR’ed the site with great effect. But simultaneously to the rise in traffic was a great increase in return visitors too.

The ePRs from the car company appeared on Nordic’s own news website which was experiencing a huge jump in traffic due to the banking crisis. It’s a case of using negative attention to push positing information. Read more »

Site Usability and Accessibility, moderated by Anne Kennedy

Site Usability and Accessibility is next, moderated by Anne Kennedy from Beyond Ink. And Shari Thurow is the speaker from Omni Marketing.

She begins by asking where we would be without the search engines. The answer is we would be a bit screwed, frankly.

What is website usability? It’s not quite what people think it is. It’s not about personal opinion, not even your SEO people’s opinion. It’s only about your users.

Find out why people do what they do on your site and how. Can they achieve their desired goals, how easily and how quickly? How easily can people who’ve never been there before use the site? Read more »

Online Reputation and PR, moderated by Andy Atkins-Krüger

The next topic on the agenda is Online Reputation and PR, moderated by Andy Atkins-Krüger. The first speaker is Kristján Már Hauksson from Nordic eMarketing.

How does Online Reputation Management work? You need to start by monitoring your online presence and finding put what others are saying about you.

Next you need to create a strategy on what to do about it. Read more »

Challenges Facing Traditional Media

After a well-deserved lunch break – and running comfortably late (as all good events inevitably do), we come back to a session called Challenges Facing Traditional Media. The session is chaired by NovaRising’s Rob Walk. And the speaker is Ben Chapman from the BBC.

This session is a case study on BBC Radio 1, the corporation’s cutting edge, youth orientated radio station.

First thing to note is just how visual Radio 1 is, considering it’s a radio station! They are the biggest new music station in Europe, paid for by the licence fee, no advertising, 50% youth market share. Great! But it’s a false illusion and the market changes quickly.

The audience cone has scenesters at the thin end. The music obsessives basically, with specialist programming late at night. Read more »