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Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference next Friday

Yuu can say that Search Marketers are heading to Reykjavik for the Internet Marketing Conference and Expo held there next friday. If I my conference managament team is right we haves sold out or at leat very close to it. We have great speakers lined up as can be seen at the Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference site and it looks like the Expo is going to be great. I am looking forward to this event as many of the speakers are peronal friends that I have been lucky enough to meet on my way as a SEM consultant and speaker.

International Search Summit thoughts

Thanks John, good conference, me and Jens learned few things to take home. Andy’s insight was great as always. I was unlucky to miss Efva Gabrielsson’s “The inhouse perspective on internationalizing your brand using SEO/ SEM”. But Jens told me he did take some good notes from the session.

Gard Jenssen of was great and it was great to hear that there are companies out there that have their SEO worth calculated into their worth.

Me and Jens Peter Nielsen from Dynamic Web came next, and I think that it went ok. Got our message across and people had some good questions.

After lunch there was the SEO Howlers session, Dixon Jones who has been doing the session with me and Andy was missing but we had Sergey Dmitriev from and he brought some good howlers with him, you could say that Elkjop and Boobs came out as a strong topic.

Beate Lofseik from was next, she talked about their work for, can’t say agreed with all she said but it was a good lecture anyway.

 Aftir this I had to go for meeting in Oslo, but when I came back Andy and Jørgen Brunborg from Næss, Synlighet were closing their session.

Then there was the Netwroking cocktail – That’s all folks!

International Search Summit in Oslo has started

Firstly check out the Reykjavik Intenret Marketing Conference Expo – Or RIMC next week, 20th of March.

“Russia is the fastest growing search market in Europe but it’s easiest to get you money out of Brazil” Says Andy Atkins Kruger in his presentation. The emerging markets are Brazil, Russia, India and China or BRIC as it’s called. Russia is quite target-able through cities as some are larger than the whole population of countries in Europe.

The conference just started and It looks good, John Brenne of Webcertain Oslo gave a good introduction of things to come and Andy took over and is now talking about the the diffirent language markets focusing on the above BRIC.

India is a market that not so many target, it seams a forgotten market. The growth of Internet usage is great, even though the country only holds only 10% of the Asian Market. Read more »

Internet consumer trends in Scandinavia

At Nordic eMarketing, one of our big goals right now is help even more companies to increase and strengthen their presence on the Scandinavian markets. We are therefore really excited about the latest report on digital media consumer behavior and trends in the Nordic and Baltic countries, from one of Scandinavia’s largest telecom providers, Telia Sonera.

The report divides digital media consumers up into four different categories, “tech parents”, “iToddlers”, “infomaniacs” and “IT high society”. The latest group is defined as the most important and influential one. The report even appoints the “IT high society” as the new “upper class” of digital media consumers.

Read more »