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How do Journalists and stakeholders use the internet?

I have in cooperation with the IceNews Network and eNewsWire UK working on mapping the behaviour of Journalists, editors, Columnists use the Internet to research for articles and or react to breaking news using such services such as Google Alerts. What surprised me was the sometimes lighting fast reaction time. That is from the time news or a PR item was sent out until we saw someone from the major news outlets or stakeholder related come in and review the article. We are talking some couple of hours from when the article was send out until it was mentioned or quoted somewhere else online.
Major news outlets such as the BBC, New York Times and News Week where sometimes in within minutes from when Google showed the news in their Google News search. We have seen timelines such as news being posted at 10:00, picked up by Google News at 10:03 and a major news agency and/or stakeholder is in 10 – 20 min later. Truly lightning fast?

I am hoping to have more data gathered and reportable within the next two months, did some preliminary finding introductions at the SES in NY, but SMX in London should provide me a platform to give more in-depth data and understanding of the true impact of online PR and news distribution. If you want more information pls. send me an email to kmh /at/

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