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Using user-friendly URLs for your web site

Often overlooked but important is the role of URLs, so going from to not only helps the user verbally say the URL but also the search engines to connect it to something meaningful.

This is even more important when you have product or service pages so going from a URL that looks like to is not only better to communicate but also helps the search engines to connect the URL to search terms in this case Reykjavik and Hotel Plaza.

We could even go further and ad the country to it so something like instead of, you get me?

So what should you have in mind? Well before you do anything open up Excel and start creating a folder structure, then you might want to do some keyword analysis so that you are choosing the right keywords, then you implement. Simple? Yes and no, what if your CMS system does not support this?

Over to you

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2 thoughts on “Using user-friendly URLs for your web site

  1. Absolutely right! Creating user friendly Urls is one of the most important things which we must consider while developing a website.

    As far as the CMS is concerned, most of them do no produce user friendly urls. This is one of the major drawback of most of them.

    But the good news is that few CMS has overcome this problem.

  2. Setting url parameter with keywords is better than keeping it random. That thought is still relevant to this recent time. But why should I open up Excel and start creating a folder structure to create keywords?

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