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Why it is important not just to open a PPC campaign

We recently worked for a client that wanted us to do a PPC campaign at Google for 3000 pounds, thee campaigns with several ad groups and run it for three or four weeks . The problem was that the campaign was actually not the three campaigns and couple of ad groups, this was four campaigns and some 20 ad groups with all its related keyword clusters.

The problem was that relaying this information to our client was tough, first they did not understand the competitive nature of the words / Phrases they where after and secondly there was even less understanding that to run and maintain campaigns like this takes management and refining. They thing that we needed to relay to our client was that even though in the “brick to mortar” world this seamed rather straight forward it was not online and what they felt where their competitors did not echo online. Little like Blue Lagoon the spa here in Iceland.

Their main competition in branded search in a movie shot in the 80’s staring Brook Shields. In this case we ended up stopping the campaign because the 3k just did not cut it and that spend was by far not cutting it, having the impact needed. The moral of this post? It’s Important not just to open a PPC campaign, you need to make sure that you are managing clients expectations and be sure that he or she understands what to expect.

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