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Is Big Mouth Media in trouble?

I was reading a blog post at Dave N’s blog in regards of one of the big guy’s on the Internet Marketing market being in trouble at Google or as David says “This could be anything thing from a simple technical issue or a full blown homepage ban in Google.” I have not investigated this fully myself but the little tests I did seamed to indicate that Big Mouth is facing some kind of a penalty.

How ever when I do these tests again things seam to have corrected themselves, this goes to show that patience is the best tool in the world of Internet Marketing and when I test “search engine optimisation” at Google UK they are number three, with only Wiki and Google News beating them and Google News are likelly none-sticky results. gives me some 4000 pages indexed at Google and the screenshot shown by David N looks ok when I look at it this evening.

Let’s see what happens over the next day’s, however the damage has been done in the massive coverage this has had and I am curious to see how they use one of the services they are heavilly promoting these day’s Online PR to distribute their message.

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