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Get your links through Link-Baiting

A great way of gaining quality inbound links is through link-baiting, that is get people to link to you through the type of content you have on your site.

Here are couple of ideas:

1. Whitepapers and research
2. Interviews and Reviews
3. Tools or Plugins
4. Tips and Advice

Giving people thins is always good and will gain attention, people that then like what you are giving will link-to your give-aways and recommend them. By getting people to link to you through link-baiting you will grow links naturally and hopefully equally so prominence in organic search results.

When you create a link-building strategyit’s vital that you have this in mind but also that you can compliment these efforts by requesting links directly from site owners or through forms if you are looking for links at directories such as Dmoz, JoeAnt, Randburg and so on. Through the years I have been creating multilingual link-building campaigns mixing together link-baiting, link-requesting, online PR, social media bookmarking and link exchange to mention few of the techniques out there, with good success for well over one hundred clients over the past 10 years or so.

For a successful Search engine optimization campaign it’s how ever good have on mind that this does not work at its best l in silo, that is even if you get a good link campaign going, with great link acceptance, the likelihood of that working alone is slim except if you optimize your site also, do the link-building based on landing pages optimized for the keywords based in the Anchor tag of the links you are getting. This will help push you up in the organic results pushing to you the traffic needed to justify the link-building campaign.

For me the best way of explaining link-building is searching at Google for “Click here” – You will find Acrobat reader number one, it’s not because they are writing “click here” all over their site, it’s because there are millions of pages around the world saying “… if you need Acrobat Reader Click here” with click here as the Anchor Tag, Useless, but makes a great sample.

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