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Do you need TV? I don’t have one

According to IBM survey on “television sets are losing ground to the internet”, conducted in 2007, 66 percent responded spent one to four hours in front of the television versus 60 percent on the internet. That was 2007.

So 2009, television is in one corner of the arena and Internet is in the other. Who is going to be the winner?

I personally have not had TV over 5 years, do not miss it or use it. Among the people I know, I am not the only one. Since getting my own place my dear Internet has replaced TV, radio, books, magazines, newspapers and occasionally telephone. The amount of online resources offers every thing from broadcasts, cartoons, radio to any entertainments.

The power behind Internet is the choice of information. What to watch, listen, and read, when or how long as well as freedom to share my opinion about anything that is happening in the world. TV shows, music, news, chatting, working, study, reading, games anything really.

Some people may say they like TV for documentaries well go to Google video. There you can find documentaries two hours long on any thing. If you know where to look, Internet provides so much more than TV, rather than just watch somebody talking, one can actually access real resources.

One other thing, time spend on flicking TV channels with hope to find something interesting to watch is over for me. Watching DVDs or downloaded shows with my friends is just normal, however one day will get 32″ Display monitor.